Thursday, 3 February 2011

Anti Cuts Network meeting notes 26 Jan 2011

Where next for student-worker unity campaign – 26 Jan 2011
Star and Shadow Cinema

1. Report back from national conference
2. Report actions
3. Manchester demo / coach and plan
4. 5 Feb march and TUC rally
5. Council cuts
6 teach in half term
7 Name of group
8 Northumbra report
9 Announcements

70 people attended

1. Report back from National Campaign (Against Fees and Cuts) from Kieran and Zack
Conference was a national conference though not as big as hoped
Voting on structure for National Campaign and on battle plan document and future plans and organisation
Vote evenly spilt between hierarchy and non hierarchy
Regional caucus were held for North and far North/Scotland (i.e. Scotland and Newcastle caucus)
Proposal to have NCAFC meeting in region i.e Edinburgh and NE NCAFC campaign? No new specific dates

Network X report back
Gery and Trevor did report back
See blog Workshops and assemblies. Regional meeting with Scotland. Email list organised
Two callouts: independent presence on march 26 demo, and statement agreed on attacks and class struggle.
Other proposals I.e Monaco / tax haven.

2. Report on actions:
Protests since last meeting: EMA protest on vote, Mervyn King yesterday; EMA walk out today, Comments included
a. EMA vote last week and got press coverage about 60 on protest for ITV news, more were there for earlier march around town
b. Support for letter against victimisations
c. Turnout dwindling / what to be done?
d. How we involve people in NUS structures
e. Today's walkout / strike not as successful as previously
f we should coordinate and not too many call outs? Also not clear who has called what?
g focus on 5 feb march etc.
h Reported that COR (coalition of resistance) had recorded a meeting and this had been used to discipline unison left activist being critical of union leadership
i Unison Gateshead has given £100 to support transport on sat, 3000 places booked (??) on transport for tuc demo on 26 march
j alternative actions/ teachins proposed etc.
k think about how we change policies of government / drive a wedge between both sections of alliance, ask councillors view
l Correction from COR rep who reported that minutes taken on dictaphone and this issue was being resolved with individual

Report on M King. 70 protestors.. Got on ITV and sky news.
Workers didn't know that King was being invited another example of council bosses not letting ordinary people debate with king just the bosses and rich
Youtube video see link

Ewan got arrested at last weeks protest outside David Cameron secret vist and was in police station for 8 hours, no charge just fine (which was coverd by donations)

3. Coach. Now full. Except for NUS/ Union Society coach

4. Northern TUC (Trade Union Congress i.e. organisation of all Northern Trade Unions) and Public Service Alliance has organised morning seminars etc in morning
and 1pm rally (NOW IT IS 12.30PM) We proposed a student and worker march from Centre for Life to march passed the Assembly Rooms where the seminars finish to walk up to TUC rally at Monument with the Trade Unionists
This was agreed. We need to publcisie it and flyer and build and put letter in paper
Rachel proposed leafleting local areas an areas

5. Simon from Unison reported on £45 million proposed cuts including many jobs and services in Adult services, children services etc.
Proposal to close 2 day care centre (Chirton House resource centre - for older people in Byker; and Westerhope Day centre for adults with learning disabilities)
Agreed that this group should oppose all cuts to services and jobs and demand more public meetings and consultation including turning up and promoting consultations

Move into groups:
A) Demo on 5 Feb -
Proposed to assemble at 12noon centre for life
Write to TUC to let them know we are proposing and to join with us
Markus and Patrick to sort out with the police
Frankie to do FB group

B) Publicity
get notes from group
Keiran, Ed and another agreed to do leaflet / posters for 5 Feb demo

C) Propaganda
get notes from group

D) Council Cuts
Get notes from group
Also proposal to build for opposition to cuts in services (i.e. Chirton House)
Leaflet and petitioning in byker
Link with union meetings and show solidarity
As meeting in library at 2pm tomorrow, public meeting next Monday against the cuts in Byker 4.30pm, Byker Resource Centre
Need to lobby Newcastle and other councils, they can vote against cuts.

7. Name of the group
Various discussions including are we are student and workers group,
Proposals included: Anti Cuts Network, Student and Workers Action NEtwork (SWAN) or no name at all,
Majortiy for working title for group to be Anti Cuts Network and that we are a student and worker activist group

Proposal that we have a social after the demonstration on 5 Feb and that we combine this as next meeting and social at the star and shadow after the demonstration
Roger and Gerry to coordinate