Since the start of our occupation, we've been inundated with messages and dontations of support from a wide range of people - local, national and international! So many messages, that we've had to make this page especially to house a selection of them. As well as receiving solidarity wishes from almost all other occupations accross the country, here's a selection of messages which will be updated as they come in. 


The National Federation of Geography Students of Argentina supports unconditionally the occupation of university buildings and other means of strike led by students and scholars in Britain against education cuts and privatization of the Conservative-led coalition in power. As an organization that has the fight for free and public education for all as a core objective, we send you our warmest greetings of solidarity in these times of struggle. We know that the political environment is not helping you, due to the broadly apathetic attitude of today’s British society, but it is delightful to see from the South that you have stroke the political scenery with a strength that surprised everyone, and to see that there is already evidence of steps forward in the lobbying of politicians who will decide on tuition fees this Thursday and later as well.

Our Federation was born in the year 2000, as part of the popular struggles against cuts in education, as well as in health and other key welfare areas. In those years we made it to stop the introduction of fees in public universities, and thanks to those mobilizations today our universities are still public and free. In other words, we won! That is why we want to tell you that.. it is possible, comrades. Struggling never is worthless, and the taste of victory is unbeatable. You will win this fight, and all around the world we will celebrate this victory for public and free education for all.

We will keep an eye on the development of these events, and please let us know how we can help.

From the land that gave birth to Che Guevara we say… Hasta la victoria siempre!


Congratulations on your brave occupation. Your have my complete support for your heroic action which gives us all hope and inspiration in the fight against public sector cuts and higher tuition fees. Keep strong, keep up the fight, keep the faith.
Please let us know what help and support we can give.

Yours in Solidarity

Graham Mowl
Lecturer in Human Geography
Northumbria university

Just to send support/solidarity from two non student middle aged people in Sheffield. I never thought anyone perhaps let alone students..would actually really stand up against the cuts and am delighted to be proved so so wrong.
Sure you know Sheffield students are occupying and they also have a meeting on Sunday at 4, along the lines of workers/students get together ect. so hoping to get there.
Lots of best wishes,
Rachel and Peter in Sheffield.


Keep going, ......I still remember my time when I was leading several
thousands students in Nepalese university to protest against authority

that had imposed higher tuition fees but cut the academic facilities in
mid 90s....we must protest and make them change their unfair decision.


In solidarity,

Meena from Kathmandu

Dear Occupiers!
A quick note to express my support for your efforts to resist the dire changes in higher education that we all fear are coming our way.  Students are often accused of being apathetic or insufficiently engaged in politics - you are proving those people wrong.
In profound solidarity, and with my very best wishes,
Lucy Gallagher
PhD Student, School of English

30 Dominos Pizzas from English Lecturers went down very well last night, thanks SO much!

I salute the courage and convictions of the Newcastle University Occupiers. They are leading the way on this fight, showing heart, intelligence and determination. These are the kind of students universities should be producing - thoughtful, caring (they have nothing to gain personally) and critical of ideological statements like there are no alternatives. To quote from 'Wayne's World' (not a usual political or academic source), 'We are not worthy'. Keep well and warm, and keep fighting.
Robert Hollands
Head of Sociology

Dear all
Just a quick message of support from a lecturer from over the road. Good on you all!
Dr Joe Street
Senior Lecturer in American History, Programme Leader in History
Department of Humanities
School of Arts and Social Sciences
Northumbria University

Pleased to learn about what you are doing. The savage cuts, hardly concealed class warfare, are likely to harm Britain for a long time to come. By coincidence, they were announced when I was giving talks in Mexico’s national university, UNAM, which presents a dramatic contrast – in a poor country, not one of the richest ones. Ten years ago the government proposed tuition. There was a student strike that was so successful that the government backed down, and tuition remains free in a university with quite impressive standards, and hundreds of thousands of students. There surely are alternatives.

Best of luck in your important efforts.

Noam Chomsky

Dear Occupiers - my wholehearted solidarity and support for your efforts.

The Neo-liberalisation of education has been underway throughout my life time. When I was 12 and 14 we boycotted SATs exams (the founding of league tables that introduced the market logic of competition, inequality and perpetual comparison into our schools), and we petitioned against the introduction of university fees around GCSEs ('it's the thin end of the wedge!' we cried.... how I wish we'd been proven wrong).

The Neo-liberalisation of education is about university fees and the exacerbation of social inequality that they respresent. But it is also about the ever more radical creation and intensification of market-style competition throughout public life... the production of a kind of delirium of applications, competitions, and examiniations that sucks energies of critique and creativity into itself, away from art and politics - exhausting efforts that should be directed at building solidarity, developing critical thought and imagining the world otherwise.

The Neo-liberalisation of education is about privatisation and fees, but it is also about fixed-term contracts and competitive funding awards that drive educators, artists and social researchers into perpetual application production treadmills, constantly reapplying for their jobs, buildings and resources; it's about the mantra repeated ad infinitum to students of all ages 'your education is your route to a job and earning potential' (and the silent threat of being thrown to the bottom of the heap of inequality should you not suceed enough); it's about the enourmous pressure that is placed upon everyone to be ever more competitive, to perform - ever better - in individualised, quantifiable measures.

Doubtless the neo-liberalisation of education has left us all more professional and hard-working. But it has also left us exhausted and atomised and gasping for air... These occupations are an opportunity to reclaim that air, to take charge of creative and critical energies, to make the space to breath, and think, and do education as a solidaristic work towards the opening up of the world. Whether or not your demands are met, you are making, defending and reinventing public education. Keep occupying.
Claire Blencowe
Social Theory Lecturer
Geography, Politics and Sociology
Newcastle University

...It is great to hear that things are going so well and as representatives of Newcastle University Students’ Union we completely support your occupation in the spirit of the protest against the cuts to higher education and what sounds like a brilliant atmosphere and a great community feel. The conduct of meetings at the occupation are a credit to all of those involved....

Tom Delamare, Newcastle University Student Union President.

"...Keep going, people are listening and watching.
Students have never had more power than now.
You might be listened to (for sure they've stopped listening to staff long ago)."
Dr Luc Racaut
Lecturer in Early Modern History

go on newcastle!!
Brighton No Cuts


I'd like to offer a few words of support to all Newcastle and Northumbria students engaged in the occupation.

I very much hope your protest occupation - and the numerous peaceful protest actions of students and lecturers around the UK - will make the government think twice about the catastrophic cuts taking place in Higher Education - particularly the withdrawal of all public funding for Arts education in this country and the hugely unfair burden of high-fees and long term debt that is being placed on current and future generations of students.

Everyone deserves a fair chance at a good education and the possibility of realising their full potential. That's a principal I *thought* I was contributing to - both as a tax payer and as an academic.

Good luck and kind wishes,

Angela Geary

Dr. Angela Geary
School of Arts and Social Sciences
Northumbria University

I would like to send my support for the sit in at Newcastle university and look forward to visiting in the near futureHelen Baker
Fine art PL Northumbria University

Dear all,
I am writing to echo the support of other students and lecturers for your occupation of Newcastle University and the many important activities you are undertaking in this space.  I attended the walk out and march on Wednesday and support you in this continuing political action to highlight the significant implications of the proposed cuts and changes to education funding.
In thanks and solidarity,
Dr. Carolyn Pedwell
School of Arts and Cultures

Dear all,

We as trade union members and officers salute you on your occupation and we congratulate you in your struggle against the increase in fees and for free education.

Not only that but you have played a vital part in opposing the cuts in general and you are a shining example to the whole Trade Union movement.

The Students have led the way, and none more so than Newcastle.

You have our very best wishes for a successful outcome.

Peter Rutherford    (Chair)
Bob Murdoch         (Secretary)
Unite the Union Tyneside Engineering Branch

Hello Newcastle Uni
Solidarity from calle Guadalcanal in Seville, we are occupying our block to stop the landlord evicting the tenants, the next eviction is Thursday, good luck in your occupation!
Free education for all!
Go for it!
Asemblea de Vecinos de Guadalcanal

I just want to express my support for those of you who have decided to stand up and protest against these drastic and irresponsible decision to raise fees and cut government funding for universities. Your gesture is of great importance in this difficult situation.

Kind regards,

Jorge L. Catalá Carrasco
Lecturer in Hispanic Studies

Although I cannot speak for the School of Modern Languages as a whole, I for one think that you are being very courageous and I truly admire your determination in the face of the government's harsh and irresponsible decision to cut funding to the Arts and Humanities. I know a lot of my colleagues in the Faculty are also supporting your movement and we strongly hope that you action will make a difference and persuade the government to finally come to its senses.

Best wishes,

Dr Franck Michel
Lecturer in French