Thursday, 17 March 2011

Expenses Protest

Following the recent scandal over executive expenses at Newcastle University, a demonstration is planned for 12pm on Thursday 17th March. The demonstration will take place outside the Kings Gate building.

Last year £150,000 was claimed in expenses by University management including for items as trivial as a Metro ticket. The universities Vice Chancellor Chris Brink claimed £39,000 on top of his £240,000 salary.

At a time when the university is faced with £7 million in lost funding through Government cuts which will force the closure of departments, increase in tuition fees and staff having pay and pensions reduced, many see this as a highly inappropriate use of University funds.

The demands which the protestors are placing on the University are that Newcastle University management enact an immediate freeze on executive expenses and institute a plan to reduce expenses as quickly, and publicly, as possible.


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