Friday, 14 January 2011

PRESS RELEASE - David Cameron's Secret Newcastle Visit

Update (17:30): A member of the occupation just phoned the office of local Labour MP Chi Onwurah, to see what assistance she might officer. On calling, the student was informed by the MP’s case worker that Chi’s office had not even been informed of the Prime Minister’s visit, which is a breach of Parliamentary protocol.

Original press release

David Cameron visited Newcastle secretly today, not the actions of a popular Prime Minister. It was felt by many people that this was an opportunity to bring attention to the crippling ideological attack on public services which will disproportionately effect the North East. One protestor commented “Upon hearing David Cameron was in town, we decided to stage an impromptu rally. We then went around repeatedly requesting for Cameron to come and address the people of North East”.

The peaceful protestors assembled outside the Newcastle Centre for Life, an educational charity which plays a vital role in the local community for engaging with schools and colleges to promote education and scientific research.

As David Cameron left the Centre of Life, some of the protestors attempted to stop the motorcade in protest of his unwillingness to listen to the concerns of more than just a hand picked section of society. Danny Youkee, 25, a student at Newcastle University said that “The shutters opened and we slowed David Cameron’s car, several protesters surround it and were apprehended by plain clothes police. Several of the protesters were then pushed to the other side of the road”.

It was after this that Ewan Brown was “pushed against a fence by a plain clothes police officer” and then more than30 protesters surrounded the police that were holding Ewan to show support. “We asked why he was being taken and got no answer” said a protester.

There will be a demonstration today at 6pm outside Etal Lane Police Station, Westerhope, Newcastle where Ewan is being held.

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