Friday, 10 December 2010

A letter demanding that we leave the occupation

Members of the Newcastle University Occupation has been handed a letter demanding that the occupation ends at 12 noon today (10th December 2010). The letter cites the ‘disruption’ we have caused as well as supposed illness amongst members of the occupation.
The occupation would like to reiterate that we have never sought to disrupt the normal activity of the university. The letter recognises this but fails to acknowledge the disruption caused by university management, as they have relocated lectures – sometimes against the will of those teaching them. We would also like to highlight and express our gratitude to the many lecturers, members of staff and students who have supported the occupation so far.
As for illness, the favourable relationship with security has until now meant that anybody who has been in the occupation has been here through their own free will and there has been no compulsion to stay.
We call on everyone who supports the occupation to rally outside the Fine Art building of Newcastle University at 12 noon today.

1 comment:

  1. Are you still in occupation?

    Just to say: be careful - go out with a bang, with support; not in handcuffs. The bastards will prosecute you as soon as blink. The fight will go on in the New Year, no doubt! Let's hope the unions will step in then, and workers, and families, and the dispossessed and jobless. Until then, keep yourselves safe: you've already done great things :)

    Of course, you'll make your own judgments - and I'm not from Newcastle; I don't know how the land lies. But, be canny and careful!

    Love and Solidarity!