Thursday, 9 December 2010

Live Update from Newcastle Protest

At 12pm students, lecturers and members of the public met at Monument in Newcastle for a march around the City Centre. The march veered towards the Tyne Bridge away from Police. Police stopped the march at the beginning of Tyne bridge and it diverted towards other bridges over the Tyne. The march was pushed back and returned towards Monument.

At the same time, Newcastle Occupiers stormed a meeting between the Vice Chancellor and staff. After causing large disruption they are now sitting peacefully in the meeting, still waiting for the Vice Chancellor to answer the demands of the Occupiers.

Meanwhile the main body of the protest attempted to enter the Civic Centre and were repelled by a large body of Police who were joined by Police on horseback. The march continues around Newcastle City Centre in a rolling kettle.


  1. There was no kettling. Protesters were stopped from going onto the Tyne Bridge due to concerns over safety and the disruption this would cause to the wider public. They were otherwise free to go where they wanted - there was no containment.

  2. We recognise and respect the right to peaceful assembly and protest. Officers are working with local student groups and education establishments to help facilitate peaceful events and limit any disruption to the public and businesses.