Friday, 3 December 2010

Press Release - More Action In King's Gate

Today, members of the Newcastle University Student Occupation took part in further protests against proposed cuts to higher and further education in the Kings Gate building of Newcastle University.

The peaceful action took place in the form of a stunt in which nine thousand flyers were distributed around the building whilst a student in a fat-cat costume scrabbled around on the floor after them.

The flyers took the form of £1 banknotes bearing the face of the Vice Chancellor, Chris Brink, symbolising the estimated new cap on tuition fees.

Once again, the protest ended after threats of disciplinary action.

Biomedical sciences student Mae Gomersall explains the significance of the protest:
“The fat-cat chasing the money symbolizes how we as students feel we and our money are being treated. So far we have found it hard to make our voices heard and non-violent direct action is our way of drawing attention to the cause. More will follow.”


  1. Excellent work on the flyers! Now, when's tramp action?

  2. I was recently asked to contribute to the £2,500 you're trying to raise to place a full page ad in the Chronicle. Although I consider this to be a complete waste of money, I was considering doing some fundraising for you - and then I saw this lame, useless, childish and self-destructive bollocks!

    If you have the resources to print 9,000 flyers, try putting something sensible on them and giving them to people who can do you and your cause some good, don't just throw them all over the floor!

    A well designed, hand-delivered flyer provides "...something to read, something to keep and something to think about..." and is the single most cost-effictive form of promotion there is - provided you are clear in your aims, consise and hard-hitting in your message and you give them to the right people.

    The right people in your case are the 6th formers, to whom you have so far given lip-service and "solidarity" but nothing to help them to convince their parents to take action.

    The stunt with the tape on your mouth was cool! Worthy of the original "Merry Pranksters". This wasn't...

  3. Funniest thing I've seen all day. Although previous poster maybe has a point. A concise flyer with good wording (like the one above about your EGM) with some citations would be really helpful. Having said that, I should probably do it myself.

  4. mae gomersall is an ugly slag