Friday, 26 November 2010

Day 3 Evening

Another great day going strong for the Newcastle Occupation.
Deep Breath...

We've had many messages of solidarity from UCL, UCU (who have declared national support for last Wednesday's action), local trade unionists and students, along with donations of much appreciated food and money from Tyne & Wear Left Unity, the Northern Region UCU, assorted lecturers and supporters from the general public. Thanks everyone!

We'd also like to show our continuing support for SOAS who are staying solid despite threat of eviction and new solidarity with Cambridge who are now under occupation!
Also, congratulations to South Bank University who have ended occupation with all demands met today. Woo!We voted today, as have many other occupations, to support the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts regional demonstration day on the 5th December.  

Management offered us the chance to put the occupation on pause for the weekend and return to start again on Monday morning, which we have declined. :)
We have been able to negotiate access for non-Newcastle University students to the occupied space, which is fantastic and you are all invited and encouraged to come and join the occupation's events this weekend and help organise events for the next Day Of Action on Tuesday. We have a book for signing people in and out - we are co-policing this with security, who remain friendly and cooperative to us and us to them - and the agreement for free access is on the assumption that it is members of Newcastle University only that 'hold the fort' by sleeping over. There are still substantial numbers willing to sleep over (minimum being 25-30 in the occupation at all times, swelling to 70-80 for events etc). There's a meeting of local school students at 13.30 tomorrow in the occupied space to start getting things rolling.
As far as tonight goes, the art students are holding their postcard auction upstairs from us so we're keeping it down a bit with crafts workshops as well as talks on alternative housing and non-violent direct action. We had a fantastic lecture courtesy of Barry Gills (Head of UCU and Politics lecturer at Newcastle University) earlier and many more lined up by different lecturers from across the campus.
Media-wise, we've been contacted by the Guardian who want to want to run a feature on us so we're all looking forward to their visit on Sunday!
Right, think that's all, thanks again to everyone who have made donations and shown their support for the occupation and the campaign against education cuts.
Solidarity and strength to all other occupiers and protesters across the country.  

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  1. Use time and space to organise

    Get art students designing posters. Print off and have distributed across all schools, college and unis

    Get them online and shared with other groups operating across UK