Tuesday, 30 November 2010


In the seventh day of occupation we have seen a successful demonstration through Newcastle city centre that was entirely peaceful. We wish to thank and applaud the Northumbrian Police for its cooperation with organizing this demonstration However, it is apparent that other police forces around the country have acted inappropriately and violently. We deplore these actions and believe that these are the cause of the violence seen at previous demonstrations.

Newcastle Occupation has decided to release 3 additional demands of our university due to the success of our occupation and today’s demonstration. These demands are in line with our stated goals that the University should oppose education cuts and tuition fee rises but also demand changes to our University structure so that our University echoes the feelings of the student body.

Our 3 additional demands:

That all asylum seekers wishing to study at Newcastle University are treated as home students following the example set by London Metropolitan and Manchester Universities

Greater student representation in University management, thus we demand ten Newcastle students are involved with running our University, each with a vote on senate or council. In addition, we demand that students are included in the Vice Chancellor’s meetings with academics concerning fees and cuts, due to take place in the coming weeks.

We demand that the University provides a large lecture theatre for a community anti-cuts coordinating assembly to take place weekly.

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