Monday, 29 November 2010

PRESS RELEASE - Day 6 (Preparation for the Second Day of Action)

Today students at the Newcastle University Occupation were elated by a message of support and solidarity from Noam Chomsky, the American political activist and famed linguist. A further message of support has been received from Lee Hall, the screenwriter of Billy Elliot who said that we are “completely right to contest both the fees and the catastrophic cuts to teaching”.

The peaceful occupation has continued into its sixth successful day and has seen timetabled lectures continuing along side alternative lectures, which have been planned by the Occupation.

The national Second Day of Action on Tuesday has been planned in Newcastle by a number of groups working in cooperation. Student representatives from local sixth forms and FE colleges have been facilitated by the Occupation by allowing them to discuss, debate and organize for the day of peaceful protest. Newcastle Occupation is very pleased to be able to host these events as it allows students an open, tolerant and welcoming forum for people to express their ideas and opinions.

Northumbria University Students Union has announced today that it will be providing stewards for the demonstration tomorrow, which we are sure will remain peaceful and will be a powerful symbol of the frustration, betrayal and anger felt amongst students against the ideological cuts being made against higher education.

Tom Delamere, the President of Newcastle Students Union offered support to all students taking action against fee increases and cuts to the higher education budget in line with his and the Student Unions commitment to tackling this issue saying that the “Newcastle University Students’ Union … completely support [the] occupation in the spirit of the protest against the cuts to higher education”.

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