Monday, 29 November 2010

Message of Support from Lee Hall.

A message of support from Lee Hall, best know for his screenplay Billy Elliot.

As someone who received an honorary doctorate from the University last year I just want to pledge my support for your demonstration. The proposals you are protesting against are an assault on everything that Education should stand for.  You are completely right to contest both the fees and the catastrophic cuts to teaching. To put education in the hands of an unregulated free market just seems crazy when unregulated free markets have failed so catastrophically. It also means provision of education will be dictated, by definition, by the ignorant (ie. those without it) rather than those with the very knowledge and learning with which to impart.

Do not accept the platitudes about the economy, do not feel intimidated. You speak for millions of people who's lives will be affected by these proposals.

I agree with Noam Chomsky this is barely concealed Class War and it is imperative for us all to resist it and fight back. You are proudly setting an example for us all.

I absolutely send you my best wishes and support.

Lee Hall

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