Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Day of Action: Free Education Strikes Back

Tomorrow promises to be the most amazing day. We can't wait to see all the 6th Form and University students protesting to defend education. Today has been such a special day for the occupation. The lecture theatre was heaving all day. Full of lecturers keen to impart their knowledge freed of the rules and social construct University life brings them.

Tomorrow thousands of students will protest again, but it will not be the last protest. We will continue to campaign, organise and protest in the name of defending education.

We have not organised this protest, many different groups have come together to take part, we have simply got involved, throwing ourselves into providing a functioning, vibrant, alternative space. While at the same time we demand that our University denounces the Government's plans.

Today we witnessed the power of a truly free education. Tomorrow we fight to defend it.

Newcastle Occupation

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