Thursday, 25 November 2010

Day Two Press Release

This message was relayed to the press on the 25th November 2010:

The Newcastle University Occupation continued peacefully for its second day in the Fine Art building. The numbers of occupants swelled to over seventy. Morale is high as occupiers enjoyed an evening of discussions, live music, juggling and pizza and other food donated by local groups (including the UCU, Left Unity and the Socialist Workers' Party).

Throughout the day occupiers encouraged other students to join them in their action, running rallies, making banners and established meaningful contact with other occupations nationwide. This provided a strong sense of solidarity throughout the group and has drawn support nationally and internationally with blog comments and emails from Turkey, Germany and the Philippines amongst the many received. Lectures were allowed to continue in the occupied teaching area, highlighting the occupation's goal to defend education, not disrupt it. The group is being run entirely democratically from within, with separate chairs for every discussion and votes taken on every point of action.

The negotiation process with University Management is ongoing - the group continues to request that its demands of the University be met and has reiterated its desire to occupy until that time.

With further rallies and creative protest actions planned for the coming days, we encourage all media to join us in the Fine Art building at Newcastle University where we will be available and willing to discuss the merits of positive protest and the goals of our campaign.

Newcastle University Occupiers

We continue to welcome any messages of solidarity or donations and many thanks to those that have already contributed.

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  1. Good morning, Occupiers! Hope the night wasn't too cold, and a massive thanks to you for taking some direct action.

    Don't agree with demand number three three, the first two lines of demand number four, and the second paragraph of demand number one, but the rest seems reasonable and achievable. Good luck for today!