Thursday, 25 November 2010

Rally Called For 12pm TODAY (Thursday 25/11/10) + update

The students in occupation at Newcastle University have called for a solidarity protest today (Thursday) at 12:00 outside the Fine Art building, the building under occupation. We would like to reiterate the peaceful nature of our protest and ask for people to come, join in, make some noise outside, show your support!

The University are trying to move lectures from 11am today outside of our building, but we've heard that at least one lecturer (1pm) wants to go ahead in the occupied space, in support of our occupation. We welcome this and again reiterate that we do not want to disrupt teaching and learning! Todays 9am lecture has begun as planned and the lecturer for this lecture gave his full support for the occupation. Great

We call for students, staff, lectures and anyone on their lunch break from work to join us in solidarity for our action and join the rally today at MIDDAY!

We are also planning a whole evening of events including discussions, speakers, music, banner making, (essay writing), etc. We've also got some food, so join us for dinner at around 8! Bring contributions if you can!


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