Wednesday, 24 November 2010


As part of the national Day of Action against educational fee rises and cuts (Wednesday 24th November), 60 of us have begun a peaceful occupation of the Fine Arts building of Newcastle University, from 5.30pm.

We occupy in solidarity with all other universities across the country, condemning cuts to Higher Education, Education Maintenance Allowance and against a rise in tuition fees.


  1. I'm a school student- I was at the teach-in today and I am amazed by you all.

    You're fighting for us, and we're fighting for you.

    Keep it up. :)

  2. Oh my God. This takes me back to the seventies. We occupied Kingston Polytechnic.It is Kingston University now. You were a big man in the occupation then if you knew how to operate the fax machine. How things have changed.

    Anyway, all the very best to you. How is the milk situation? I can bring some 'round in the morning if you want.

    Dave O'Toole (UCU)