Thursday, 25 November 2010

More messages of support...

Here's a selection of messages of solidarity that we've been getting on our email.
Thank you, please keep them coming in, they make all the difference! comment here or email us:
We've also heard that the UCU National Conference has passed a motion in full support of students occupying their universities against cuts. This is fantastic news and a real boost for all our actions!

Some messages:

"...I would just like to send a message of support and thanks to those in occupation of the University. I attended the walkout and today's demonstration and it is fantastic to know that the passion of collective students can, and hopefully will, make a difference to the proposed cuts to our department. As a Literature student I would hope that fellow students and lecturers alike support our action against the proposed cuts which directly affect us, and stand in solidarity with those in occupation.

Their resistance is not going unnoticed, and I will continue to support their, indeed, our actions. Despite the fact our union refused to support peaceful protests yesterday due to 'health and safety reasons', it was fantastic to see so many people fighting for our rights to education and committed to the cause, regardless.

Again, support and solidarity to those occupying Newcastle University, and occupations across the country,"

Rosie Bailey
Second Year, Literature.

Dear Newcastle University Occupiers of the Fine Art building,
A quick message in support of your actions today.  I'm away on university business today and tomorrow, so won't be able to deliver this in person (or indeed blankets, food, etc.), but wanted to let you know that I think what you're doing, in calling attention to the issue of higher education funding changes and the widespread effects that it will have, is admirable.  I hope you can keep it peaceful.  I know there are a number of staff and students complaining about the possible disruption that your actions are causing, but from my point of view I consider your actions in occupying the building to sit within a wider (and global) tradition of public protest.  I'm also aware, like many of my staff colleagues, that I may not have attended university had I faced the prospect of fees and debt as you all do now and as my children will in the future.  I'm also extremely concerned about the consequences of the new fees regime for the principle of higher education as a public good and public benefit.  I could go on...
If there are any Stage 2 Geographers amongst you who will be missing (or will have missed) their GEO2043 Key Methods classroom practical tomorrow (or today), tell them to get in touch with me and I'll mark this as a notified absence (I'm module leader).  We won't be able to grant extensions because of this, but I will be in my office on Monday 29th November 2-5pm if anyone needs to consult about any work they might have missed this week because of the protest activities.
Kind regards and in solidarity,

Dr Rachel Woodward
School of Geography Politics and Sociology

Brilliant demands guys. Keep it up.

Well done and best of luck.. Infinite kudos to all of you.

Keep up the absolutely excellent work you totally awesome bunch of people. Am spreading the word and will join you when I can!! It's about bloody time someone stood up for themselves in terms of these ridiculous cuts!!
Katie Cooper
Ph.D. Candidate

Good luck! You have my full support. Wish I could be there.

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