Monday, 29 November 2010

Update on Discussion with the University

During a brief meeting this morning the students in occupation made it known to the University Registrar, John Hogan, that as of now we are only prepared to talk to the Vice Chancellor Chris Brink.

On several occasions the Registrar has made it clear that he is willing to arrange "talks about talks" and that he has "no authority on this issue" and this was re-iterated this morning in his visit to our space.

Given the previous experience that some members of the occupation have of working within the University bureaucracy of Council, Senate and Executive Board we are maintaining our position of wanting to negotiate directly with the Vice Chancellor and that our next meaningful discussions with the University should be with him.

We would like to make it clear that the University has yet to offer meaningful negotiations on our demands or even engage with them explicitly. As such any such suggestion made by the University to the contrary is entirely false.

In addition to this, following a telephone discussion with the Newcastle Students Union President Tom Delamere this morning we are pleased to announce that he has accepted an invitation to come and talk to us this afternoon.

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