Friday, 26 November 2010

Day 3 in Occupation - lots of plans, come and join in!

Right now, we're all chilling out, eating lunch, celebrating news of occupation victory from London South Bank University!

Some plans for this afternoon include:

2pm - Drumming Workshop  //  Non-violent direct action workshop.

4pm - Discussion on Housing Cooperatives.

5pm - General Meeting -  how's the occupation going, future plans, this weekend etc.

5:30/6pm - Alternative Lectures - all lecturers are especially welcome!

7:30 onwards an evening programme of entertainment and intellectual nourishment and craft workshop.


  1. sounds amazing, wish i could be there actually! xxx

  2. Love you all for doing this - solidarity from Aberdeen - fuck deadlines, fuck assessments, this is education :-)

  3. unfortunately i can't, i'm holding the fort at goldsmiths...